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What is Process Intelligence?

To measure their performance, organizations typically use figures, such as revenues, profits, cash flow, etc., which are the result of the business processes executed. However, collecting key performance indicators (KPIs) on a data-driven basis without linking them to processes is of little benefit if the figures fail to match the defined objectives. After all, it’s hard to fix things without knowing the cause of the problem.

Process Intelligence delivers an unprecedented combination of corporate and process control at the strategic, tactical, and operational level. If KPIs (such as time, cost, quality, or risk) deviate from anticipated values, the causes can be analyzed within business processes. Corrective action can then be taken in real time before live operations are impacted.

Benefits of the Process Intelligence solution

With the aid of process-oriented technologies and procedure models, the Process Intelligence solution makes it possible to define process objectives and to measure, monitor, analyze, and optimize live business processes in real time. It offers a perfect portfolio of tools for these tasks.

The Process Intelligence solution contains the ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) and  ARIS MashZone products, which comprise the following functions:

  • Internal and external data analysis to improve information exchange (strategic dashboarding)
  • Automatic process identification for greater transparency (process discovery)
  • Historical process analysis to identify and roll-out weaknesses (process analytics)
  • Process benchmarking for analysis of best practices (process benchmarking)
  • Business activity monitoring for faster identification and resolution of problems (Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Organizational analysis to reveal team structures (networking)
  • Complex Event Processing to visualize event data streams in realtime (Complex Event Processing)

Enabling actionable process intelligence

Software AG Process Performance Manager

Automatic process discovery with Software AG Process Performance Manager