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GRC helps organizations meet internal and external legal and regulatory requirements and manage business risks. Our process-driven solution combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit-proof workflows, turning risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool.

  • Audit management helps internal auditors manage papers, schedule audit-related tasks and with time management and reporting. To secure consistent information throughout the enterprise, content information relevant to GRC, such as policies, control test evidences, incident reports as well as previous audit findings, are all managed within the GRC solution.
  • Policy management offers a fully integrated workflow for policy management and GRC management. Cross-referencing policies with regulations, risks and processes, for example, help to establish a better culture of compliance and reduce risk. Stored in a central repository, policies can be mapped to business context with clearly defined responsibilities, affected processes, entities and more.
  • Efficient compliance & risk management: Compliance management supports compliance professionals with the documentation, workflow, reporting and visualization of controls objectives, controls and associated risks, surveys and self-assessments, testing, and remediation; meaning the establishment of a regular schedule to assess effectiveness and report to the respective authorities about status and findings.
  • Risk management is already a well-established function in financial services and in the energy sector but currently spreads rapidly into all other industries. Risk Management is about identifying risks that company objectives may not be reached, this may be revenue or performance targets as well as avoiding incidents that lead to direct losses or legal issues.
  • Adapt fast to new regulations means keeping track with changes in existing regulations or new regulatory requirements that emerge can be difficult. To ensure that a company operates compliant, you need to identify the impact of regulatory requirements, tie them to the right parts of the business procedures and the company’s behavior.
  • The reuse of business processes, compliance requirements and reports through one single platform will achieve a faster adaption to new regulations.

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